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Red Queen Cocktail
Try this Cranberry mix cocktail
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| Categories: Short Cocktails
Tags: Cranberry Juice , Hendricks Gin , St Germain , Lemon
Apple Brandy
Autumn, apples, brandy. The three go hand in hand in this cocktail. With only three ingredients and no shaking required, it’s ideal for autumn get together or chilly nights by the fire.
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| Categories: Brandy
Tags: Brandy , Apple Juice , Ginger Ale
Banana Rum
We combined our favorite banana rum, pineapple juice, orange juice, and ginger ale for a taste that is nothing short of tropical paradise.
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| Categories: Short Cocktails
Tags: Banana Rum , Orange Juice , Rum , Banana , Pineapple Juice , Ginger Ale , Cherry Syrup
The perfect fruity summer beverage.
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| Categories: Punch
Tags: sangria , oranges , lemons , apple , ground cinnamon , brandy red wine , caster sugar . lemonade , soda water or ginger ale , sangria
Long Island Iced Tea
The Long Island Iced Tea is the basis of many elaborate mixed-drinks.
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| Categories: Long Cocktails
Tags: vodka , gin , white rum , white tequila , Triple Sec , long island iced tea