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Strawberry Jello Shots
Spice up your party with Strawberry Jello Shots.
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| Categories: Shooters
Tags: Strawberry Jello Shots , Lime , Margarita Mix , Sugar , Tequilla , Water
Whiskey Sour
The lemon in this whisky recipe rounds off the alcohol and gives it an edgy sharpness.
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| Categories: Short Cocktails
Tags: Bourbon , Lemon Juice , Sugar Syrup , Egg White , Ice , Cherry , Orange Slice
Cuban Mojito
This recipe is rumored to be the original, authentic version of the light, fresh, minty concoction.
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| Categories: Short Cocktails
Tags: mojito , sugar , mint leaves , white rum , ice , cuban mojito
The perfect fruity summer beverage.
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| Categories: Punch
Tags: sangria , oranges , lemons , apple , ground cinnamon , brandy red wine , caster sugar . lemonade , soda water or ginger ale , sangria
Vanilla Martini
Vanilla martini is fabulous vanilla flavored cocktail prepared with vanilla liqueur and plain vodka.
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| Categories: Short Cocktails
Tags: martini , vodka , sugar syrup , vanilla , Grand Marnier , ice , martini glass