• Huge Variety, Great Value
  • Huge Variety, Great Value

About Us

Blue Bottle Liquors

The Blue Bottle Liquor Group is a community of independent Liquor Store owners, who participate jointly and collectively to maximise the buying power available between them, to access more competitive deals and pricing as well as the sharing of information and good practices of business management.

The Group was formed in May 2009 to offer the independent liquor store owner an alternative to the current purchasing and service provider channels.

Blue Bottle Group Stores

Our Blue Bottle Group members have revamped their stores for a better, secure and informative shopping experience.  We pride ourselves in quality products and carry huge ranges of wine and malt whiskies.  Our emphasis is on personal service in a safe environment, promoting responsible drinking.  Being part of the Blue Bottle Group membership means they will offer better prices, professional advice and don’t forget the personal touch of the owner.

Team Profile

The Blue Bottle Group is a South African registered Close Corporation with five independent shareholders, Jack Cullinan, Delfino De Sousa, Carel Mostert (Western Cape Based), Manny Pereira and Jose Nascimento (Gauteng based).  Our team offers more than 55 years retailing experience, 25 years owner run business management experience and 30 years liquor retail experience.

The Western Cape Team

Jack Cullinan

083 673 4171

Group Managing Director

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Jack Cullinan, a founder of the BLUE BOTTLE GROUP has in excess of 40 years in retail and over 30 years in liquor retail experience. He currently owns two Blue Bottle stores in the southern suburbs Western Cape as well as being involved in 3 pet shops and a clothing shop. His experience includes, in the early 90’s being in control of in excess of 30 liquor stores for WP Cellars, owning a SPAR, and more recently, on a consultancy basis, the placing of 38 Tops stores for SPAR in the Western Cape. Jack has always believed that the key to being ‘’street wise’’ is a strong network. Challenges in the liquor trade prompted Jack to seek a way of combining the power and experience available in individually and successfully run liquor stores, to join an association of members which will spearhead the interests of the independent liquor store owner in the future; hence we have formed the Blue Bottle Group.

Delfino De Sousa

082 378 2195

Director - Purchasing

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Delfino a founder member of the BLUE BOTTLE GROUP, with the portfolio of purchasing and supplier negotiations, is more than qualified for this key performance area. Delfino at the age of 9 years was already being schooled by his father, in the super marketing world. The supermarket adjacent to his liquor store is still owned and operated by his family.  Spending 4 years at Rothmans international gave Delfino the grounding he needed to understand the thinking of suppliers and the way they operate. He opened his first liquor store in the late nineties and has grown his personal brand – SHORTIES - to be a household name in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town. Dedicated to the success of the independent retailer, he understood the concept of the BLUE BOTTLE GROUP and currently is the owner of SHORTIES BLUE BOTTLE in Noordhoek. He is well versed in both re-distribution and retail of liquor, and has intentions of expanding. A more street-wise man you will not be able to find.

Carel Mostert

082 569 4648

Director – New Business Development

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Carel is an “institute” in the liquor trade. Having spent 32 years with the Distell group, he is no stranger to selling liquor. After having a grounding of 6 years in the hospitality industry, in hotel management, Carel’s career started with Distell. He was one of the founder team members of the original Bergkelder wine specialists, as a representative. He later became the Sales Manager for the Bergkelder for the Western Cape.  Of his 32 years with Distell he has spent 25 years in management positions including Regional Sales manager for Distillers which involved the portfolio of Distell spirits. His area covered Western, Northern and Eastern Cape. Carel retired in 2011 as Regional Sales Manager – Wine division Western Cape. With this wealth of experience and the enormous network he has built up over the years, it would have been a travesty to see it all go to waste. Just 4 weeks after going on retirement Carel joined The Blue Bottle Group, managing our promotions team. Carel is a keen golfer and we all thought it would be an ideal position for him to have some spare time as well and be on the course at least twice a week. This was not to be. Carel with all his usual infectious enthusiasm decided to buy Pick a Liquor in the Strand and has converted it to a Blue Bottle. Golf has now been forced into the background for a while.

The Gauteng Team

Manny Pereira

082 339 6147

Managing Director - Inland

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Manny Pereira is no stranger to retail.  His experience is in excess of 30 years in retail and specifically over 20 years in liquor retail.  He currently owns Greenhills Blue Bottle Liquors in Randfontein, Gauteng.  Manny is also involved in a very successful Butchery.  On a golfing trip to the Algarve he met Delfino De Sousa a Blue Bottle directory, listened to the concept and was sold on the idea of becoming a member.  Manny has seen that belonging to the Blue Bottle Group is not only about price but the collective knowledge, experience and information that comes from sharing within the network of talented members.  Being an independent liquor store owner is where the benefits should be and Manny wants to make sure of that.  Manny still believes that we should move with the times and technology, but not forget the old values of honest business principles.  The Blue Bottle Group shares these sentiments and found Manny to be the ideal candidate to drive the Inland region of the Blue Bottle Group.

Jose Nascimento

082 377 7392

Director – Purchasing - Inland

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Jose grew up in the retail industry. His family owned a cafe’/take away business, a true breeding ground for all successful Portuguese youth.  In 1987 Jose’s father purchase a liquor store and that’s where Jose learnt, working part time as a youngster, about the liquor trade.  In 1993 he joined the family liquor store full time.  Today the Nascimento family are well respected in the liquor industry.  They are one of the biggest independents in the country in retail, wholesale and re-distribution of alcohol.  In 1999 Jose felt he needed a different challenge and joined a chicken wholesale/retail franchise; who trade in both fresh and frozen chickens.  Jose ran the business very successfully for 4 years but liquor was always back of mind.  In 2003 Jose bought Greenhills Liquor in Randfontein with his partner Manuel Pereira.  Together they have built a very successful business which they still own today.  Jose’s skills in both identifying and negotiating a “great deal” will be a huge asset to the Inland region team.

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