Blue Bottle Liquors - Savanna Freezer Competition Banner - August 2022
Blue Bottle Liquors - Savanna Freezer Competition Banner - August 2022
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WElcome to The Blue Bottle Group

The Blue Bottle Liquor Group is a community of independent liquor store owners, who participate jointly and collectively to maximise the buying power available between them, to access more competitive deals and pricing as well as the sharing of information and good practices of business management.

Blue Bottle Liquors - Alcohol

Monthly Liquor Specials, Promotions & Competitions

Our liquor stores strive to provide their customers with huge variety and great value.
Take advantage of our monthly liquor specials, promotions and enter our latest competitions today!

Our Brands

The Blue Bottle Group has grown from strength to strength bringing opportunities within our group for various independent liquor stores to be able to become part of our group, no matter what their size.

The Blue Bottle Group is represented by the following Brands:

Become a member

If you own a liquor store or you are looking at investing in a liquor store join The Blue Bottle Group today!

You will keep your independence.

Your business will be able to take advantage of our benefits by being members in a National Buying Group.

Your liquor store will provide your customers with quality products at competitive prices.

Let our team help you to set up your liquor business for success!

Our Commitment

The Blue Bottle Group is committed to helping promote responsible drinking.

To find out how you can get involved visit for more information. is registered as a non-profit organisation (NPO) with the Department of Social Development.

Their focus is on preventing the negative consequences of alcohol abuse.

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The Blue Bottle Group works closely with affected communities, to prevent:

Enjoy responsibly. Alcohol not for sale to persons under the age of 18.